At Klees Electric Inc. we are a factory certified Generac Generator installer. We repair units and stock parts.

Klees Electric does the whole job including gas piping, concrete pad and securing the proper permit. We sell portable, air cooled, liquid cooled up to 150KW. The main generators for home use are air cooled for automatic home stand-by operation. The smallest one is 6/7KW. When generators run on propane such as rural areas they develop more power. In suburbs when they run on natural gas they run on the smaller power rating. The largest air cooled unit that Generac makes is a 20/18KW. You can install a generator for your home for as little as $3,500 and have peace of mind.
Generac recommends generators should be tuned up at least once every 2 years. Most of our customers have their generations tuned up every year, more frequently if there are power outages. We presently charge $200 for the tune-up which includes new oil, oil filter, air filter and properly gapped spark plugs. We also check the battery, output voltage and perform over-all cleaning. Tune-ups for liquid cooled units varies, please call for pricing.

At Klees Electric we offer our customers for the 11, 14, 17 and 20KW generators a free 5 year extended warranty. The normal warranty period from Generac is 3 years for parts, 2 years labor, extended warranty extends it for 5.
Don’t be without power, consider installing a Generac Generator, call us today for a free consultation and estimate
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